NAVWAR Transitions First Wave of IWRP Prototypes to Production including DHA Healthcare MDM tool

“The Naval Information Warfare Systems Command (NAVWAR) recently hit a significant milestone and transitioned the first wave of Information Warfare Research Project (IWRP) prototypes to production through an Other Transaction Authority Production (OTP) award using 10 U.S.C §2371b(f) Authority…”

“The three IWRP prototypes moving into production include the … Defense Health Agency’s (DHA) Healthcare Master Data Management (MDM) software tool…”

“In a similar vein, the third OTP addresses Master Data Management through the lens of medical repositories and data analytics servicing all branches of the military. NIWC Atlantic’s Medical Information Delivery (MID) team and its defense health customer, DHA’s Program Executive Office (PEO) Defense Healthcare Management Systems’ (DHMS) Enterprise Intelligence and Data Solutions (EIDS) Program Management Office (PMO), oversaw the prototyping effort of the solution.”

“’The IWRP gave us a forum and an opportunity to present our problem to ‘crowd source’ ideas from a very broad swath of expertise and domains with which we may never have an opportunity to engage,’ said Sean Smith, NIWC Atlantic MID team lead. ‘That part of the process alone was innovative when compared with the traditional FAR-based industry interaction. That unhindered interaction ultimately helped us shape and define the solution we truly needed.’”

“The prototype was built on a commercial off-the-shelf product to understand its growing DHA data repositories, easily identify redundant data, categorize the data for use, create and maintain effective data dictionaries, and provide the DHA with useful data catalogs to guide consumption.”

“’This software tool ultimately benefits everyone,’ said Brian Palmatier, NIWC Atlantic MDM project lead. ‘Not only will it replace the current implementation, which NIWC Atlantic is supporting for the EIDS PMO, but it also allows us to help the EIDS PMO orchestrate a data governance model that uses data management best practices…’” Read the full article here.

Source: NAVWAR Transitions First Wave of IWRP Prototypes to Production – By Carmen Judge, October 19, 2020. DVIDS.



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