Press Release: Aptive Welcomes New Director, Sergeant Major (USA/Ret.) Dennis Eger to lead growth

“Aptive has appointed Sergeant Major (USA/Ret.) Dennis Eger as Director to lead Aptive’s growth of, and support for, Veterans and military spouse service culture and corporate expansion in the national security and intelligence sectors. A Bronze Star recipient and accomplished senior military leader, Mr. Eger has 32 years of experience, a proven track record of managing interagency and priority Federal programs and operations and designing workforce lifecycle programs for a worldwide audience. He provides Aptive’s clients with a unique perspective and leading practices on broad-based business operations in Federal, organizational transformation, stakeholder and executive management, and workforce strategy…”

“Recently, Mr. Eger served the U.S. Army as a Senior Intelligence Advisor, focusing on restructuring counterintelligence; overseeing high priority and mandated reform initiatives; identifying and monitoring related risks and issues; and guiding the U.S. Army Intelligence Corps on workforce strategy. As the former Director of Executive Talent Management and Leader Development in the Office of the Sergeant Major of the Army, Mr. Eger was instrumental in the worldwide design and management of executive-level talent programs and policies, as well as learning analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation…” Read the full press release here.

Source: Aptive Welcomes New Director, Sergeant Major (USA/Ret.) Dennis Eger – October 21, 2020. Aptive.

Aptive was recently named to the updated list of NXT UP firms poised to make big waves in the Federal sector in 2020 and for years to come.



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