Press Release: GRSi Receives Three NHLBI Director’s Awards

“Recognized for exceptional teamwork and extraordinary efforts, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) Director Dr. Gary Gibbons presented GRSi with three separate recognitions as part of the institute’s FY20 Group Awards. The team was honored for continued commitment to collaboration through challenging times and for dedication in support of several important projects.

As part of the Infrastructure Services Branch (ISB) COVID-19 Response Team, GRSi employees implemented key IT system changes to support maximized telework policies due to the pandemic. This included the enablement of virtual desktop functionality for the remote workforce that reduced reliance on VPN.”

“Second, GRSi employees in ISB were recognized for their MS Azure Incident Response and Recovery teamwork, which demonstrated outstanding support of the NHLBI mission. The group was recognized for its expertise shown throughout this important effort.”

“Third, GRSi employees on the Service Desk received group recognition from three different federal teams within NHLBI for contributions to the Rockledge Move special project. The team was complimented for exceptional teamwork, extensive collaboration, and innovative thinking that were required to plan and execute the major facilities’ move…”

“GRSi drives state-of-the-art innovations and solutions across the Civilian, Defense, and Intel communities, as well as the commercial industry. Our professional technical and engineering services deliver next-generation systems engineering, cybersecurity, technology insertion, and best practices-based Enterprise Operations (EOps) management.”

Source: GRSi Receives Three NHLBI Director’s Awards – October 1, 2020. GRSi.



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