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RTI is currently recruiting for a Program Manager for the Chief Information Officer-Solutions and Partners (CIO-SP) Government Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC).  The CIO-SP Program Manager will serve as the primary focal point within RTI on all matters pertaining to the CIO-SP4 contract.” 

The Program Manager will be RTIs primary interface with the NIH Information Technology Acquisition and Assessment Center (NITAAC), the Federal Executive Agent for CIO-SP.  The Program Manager has responsibility for overseeing master contract deliverables and compliance and ensures all contract reporting information complies with RTI accuracy standards and RTI adheres to all requirements of the master contract. This role is also responsible for overseeing RTI’s CIO-SP partners, as well as interfacing with RTI’s technology division management, and with RTI’s strategic account executives. In addition, the program manager is responsible for marketing the vehicle with RTI’s clients.  Understanding of the CIO-SP contract is required, including the ability to communicate and articulate the benefits of CIO-SP.” 

“Position is contingent on award of the contract and is located in the Rockville, MD or Washington, DC area.” 

Essential duties to include, but not limited to: 

  • Collaborates with RTI’s Research Computing Division (RCD), RTI business units and with RTIs Strategic Account Executives to maximize contract utilization and to provide support throughout the capture process. Review and provide insights for task order proposals. 
  • Educates and trains RTI staff to ensure they can effectively communicate to current RTI customers and potential new customers on the scope, value, and benefits of the CIO-SP4 GWAC. 
  • Promotes the CIO-SP contract to the Federal Government through participation in trade shows, conferences, and other meetings where the Federal Government has a significant presence. 
  • Ensures RTI markets the CIO-SP contract by coordinating within RTI to promote CIO-SP through advertising, utilization of the CIO-SP logo and dissemination of CIO-SP marketing materials…

“Required Education/Experience 

  • Bachelor’s Degree and at least 12 years working within the Federal Government Contracting Community, or working as a Contracting Officer (CO), or as Contracting Officer Representative (COR), within a government agency, institute or department. 
  • 5 years in Business Development, Capture Management or Senior Program Management or Administration…”

“Preferred Experience   

  • Past experience working with NITAAC or GSA in the administration of GWACs or IDIQs. 
  • Strong working relationships within the US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and Federal Agencies…” 

Read the full job description here.

G2X TAKE: This leading independent, nonprofit research institute dedicated to improving the human condition is seeking a lead to serve as the primary focal point on all matters pertaining to the important CIO-SP4 GWAC contract.  

RTI was recently named to the updated list of NXT UP firms poised to make big waves in the Federal sector in 2020 and for years to come.


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