VA RFI: Enterprise Mail Management Mailing Technology and Operational Improvements

Notice ID: 36C10X21Q0016

The VA is conducting market research to explore advanced technology methods for improving mail operations, such as artificial intelligence, contact free mail delivery, robotic mail processing and handling and centralization of mail management operations. The VA is also seeking enhanced or alternative services and processes to transform its large array of mail activities.

The VA is exploring innovative, leading edge technology that will transform Enterprise VA mail activities to more efficient, cost-effective, and safe operations. Examples of technologies include:

Unique mail processing, handling and manifesting using technology to reduce handling

Technology and tools to ease of managing the changing delivery network to include ensuring mailers meet rules and regulations associated with shipping products and services.  Mailers should include unique solutions for return mail, management of incoming and outgoing mail

Use of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, recognition technologies, security lockers, autonomous technologies/vehicles, reduced touch and safety alternatives

Discuss R&D results that are ready for rapid transfer into new mail operation technologies and applications. Discuss the barriers to accelerate the transition of proven (to be effective and efficient) mail operations results into adopted technologies

Technology to identify special handling & priority of delivery- for example refrigerated pharmaceutical products

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