Deltek: How the New Administration May Impact Federal Contracting and Small Businesses

“With the election now in the rear-view mirror, and Joe Biden having been declared the apparent election winner and President-Elect, government contractors must now prepare for the transition to a new administration. Given that, it may be useful to spend some time charting the Biden campaign’s stances on federal contracting, since those may be more unfamiliar at this point than those of the current administration.”

“The road ahead does present many questions. Several of Biden’s planned policies in infrastructure, R&D and national security (i.e. ending national emergency funding for the border wall) will have impacts on contractors within those specific disciplines. However, I want to focus on the federal contracting outlook for general contracting and small business provisions in this writing.”

“At initial glance, the Biden campaign outlines several steps to assist the Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) community:

  • Require prime contractors to implement plans to increase subcontracting opportunities for SDBs
  • Triple the federal goal for contracting with SDBs from 5% to a minimum of 15% of all federal procurement dollars by 2025
  • Build on anti-bundling provisions under the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010, by conducting a government-wide review of existing contract bundling to ensure small business participation in federal and state procurement opportunities…” Read the full article here.

Source: How the New Administration May Impact Federal Contracting and Small Businesses – By Christine Fritsch, November 13, 2020. Deltek.



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