DVIDS: DOD/VA Personal Health Record is key to increasing patient engagement and military readiness

“As Military Health System providers, ensuring the readiness of service members is our number-one priority. None of us, however, were ready for 2020’s relentless swarm of unprecedented circumstances instigated by the COVID-19 pandemic. To ensure our forces are prepared for what we know may be coming – and any other surprises the future may hold – we must empower them to fully participate in their own health, well-being, and readiness. That’s why the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs are collaborating on a joint patient engagement system that includes a joint personal health record…”

Understanding the PHR

“The joint DoD/VA personal health record will be a digital health care tool accessible through a mobile app or online location. Beneficiaries would download copies of their official medical records from DoD, VA, and community providers and store them in one secure, easy-to-access digital location under patient ownership and control.”

“To smooth service members’ transition from active duty to VA or community medical care, the PHR would be fully integrated with the unified, interoperable electronic health record platform currently being implemented for DoD and VA. Beneficiaries would also be able to message care teams and make appointments, just as with an EHR and its patient portal.”

“The PHR would empower patients with additional functionality, such as storing and managing data from:

  • Extensive personal health diaries and journals to track exercise, diet, pain, mental health status, vital signs, etc.
  • Personal biometric devices such as fitness trackers and other wearable health technology
  • Remote health monitoring devices such as blood pressure cuffs and blood glucose meters
  • Prescriptions, medical procedures, and treatment for acute and chronic medical issues”

“The patient would have all their health care data in a computable format and could arrange, manage, and control their data as they like. This capability would allow patients to share their data with people involved in their health care outside of military hospital and clinic care teams, such as family members, friends, and community providers…” Read the full article here.

Source: DoD/VA Personal Health Record is key to increasing patient engagement and military readiness – By U.S. Public Health Service Capt. Hae Kyung (Amy) Park, Ph.D., November 23, 2020. DVIDS.



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