ITSM Organizes Data and Services for Agencies including VA and NIH’s NCI

“… Just like a menu at a restaurant, information technology service management, or ITSM, creates a menu of the tools, capabilities and data that a federal agency’s IT department can put to use, says Jeff Shilling, National Cancer Institute CIO…”

“The NCI implemented ITSM with ServiceNow to generate data out of every IT activity, from a service request for a new monitor to a system outage. ITSM gives the IT team a bird’s-eye view of those activities. If they notice multiple incident reports related to the Outlook email platform, for example, they can determine that it’s not a system problem, but instead a recent upgrade that’s tripping up users, and initiate the proper messaging and training…”

“That’s the key benefit of ITSM, says Greg Rankin, director of the service management office for the Department of Veterans Affairs. “It turns data into information, ­information into knowledge and knowledge into action.”

“ITSM doesn’t do the IT work for an agency. It just provides measurements and analysis that help an agency deploy its IT experts most effectively…” Read the full article here.

Source: ITSM Organizes Data and Services for Agencies – By Carolyn Shapiro, November 12, 2020. FedTech.



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