VA Solicitation: COVID-19 Emergent Contact Tracing

Notice ID: 36C25921Q0083

The Salt Lake City VA Medical Center is requesting the purchase, delivery, installation, and configuration services for contact tracing software. The acquired equipment and software will be located within the medical center wards in Bldg. 1 & Bldg. 14. The Infection Control contact tracing must integrate with the existing system configuration, platform, and architecture on hand for implementation during the requested expansion utilized within medical center wards in Bldg. 1 & Bldg. 14. Delivery, installation, and system configuration services for the expansion of the contact tracing configuration is located at the Salt Lake City VA Medical Center. This request will activate contact tracing and increase the availability of real-time contact tracing for clinical staff to utilize for contact tracing. Contract tracing generates location and movement data via multiple sensor data sources processed through positional and behavioral algorithms.  Clinical workers are tagged with unique location beacons that provide second-by-second room level location throughout the Bldg. 1 and Bldg. 14.  The platform consists of two distinct architectural systems: an on-premise data collection sensor network known as the “Mesh Network” along with a data aggregation and processing architecture. All applications are powered by the same architecture and data sources as part of a modularized and extendable platform.  In the event of an infectious disease outbreak, like COVID-19, hospital rely on manual, time-intensive exposure tracking methods. Leveraging employee level data, the contact tracing application automatically captures all employee to patient, and employee to employee contacts, enabling infection control and occupational health staff to generate an initial list of at risk staff, patients, and equipment with the click of a button.

Collect location data of clinical workers and assets as they move through the hospital environment, tracking location entry and exit times, time spent in locations, and a history of movement from patient rooms to common areas. The mesh network acts as the primary agent of automated data-collection for this platform. Network must be wireless, minimum of 2.4GHz with equal signal strength throughout the facility. This network consists of several distinct hardware components that interconnect to form a communication mesh and data relay system. This mesh provides a highly reliable means of data communication, as well as over-the-air update capabilities. It is continuously reforming its connections to adapt to changes in connected sensors and the surrounding environment.

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