Defense Health Agency details upcoming competition for $2 Billion Enterprise IT Systems Integrator (EITSI) BPA

“The Defense Health Agency offered new details on a $2 billion initiative to consolidate information technology functions onto a single managed IT services contract, according to details listed in a slide presentation for a Dec. 10 industry day.” … “To ease the transition, the DHA is seeking a single Enterprise IT Systems Integrator (EITSI) to assume responsibility for a number of key IT functions, as well as to help the agency standardize processes and run more efficiently.”

“DHA officials announced that the EITSI competition would be a single-award blanket purchase agreement (BPA) on the General Services Administration’s Multiple Award Schedule, according to an April 2020 notice. Now for the first time, DHA officials have put an official price tag on the EITSI BPA: $2 billion over ten years, according to the December industry day slides.”

“The briefing also sketched out the details of the first task order planned for the BPA, a $100 million effort to transition six legacy IT contracts onto a common managed services platform. The largest of the six is Perspecta Inc.‘s contract to provide customer support and network management through DHA’s Global Service Center, a task order on CIO-SP3 that has generated $150 million since November 2015. The other five contracts have generated a combined $62 million going as far back as September 2015…” Read the full article here.

Source: Defense Health Agency Outlines $2 Billion IT Transition Plan – By Chris Cornillie, December 10, 2020. Bloomberg Government.



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