FDA BTT BP protest prompts extension of OEMS Operational support and ERM Program Support contract

Notice ID: 1237652

Contract Award Number: HHSF223201510010B

Task/Delivery Order Number: HHSF22317001

The ERM Program mandated by OMB A-123 and A-11 is required under the authority of the CFO Act and is in alignment with Internal Controls and HHS Enterprise Risk Management. The purpose of the acquisition is to provide Contractor support for the ERM vital functions: ERM executive Council; ERM CoP, FMFIA data collection and risk evaluation, and overall FDA enterprise risk mitigation processes and methodology. The ERM Program is in need of a mechanism for support as there is not sufficient time for possible contractor transition out and/or transition in due to stop work orders issued on the planned BTT BPA acquisition due to a protest, which was dismissed due to the FDA agreeing to voluntary corrective action.

The contractor shall be tasked to work collaboratively with OEMS, OC, OO, FDA staff, and other federal officials as needed to provide a variety of operational support.

Activities in the scope of this order include:

  • Daily support and operational activities
  • Project planning, development, implementation and coordination
  • Identifying areas of improvement and specific suggestions to address those improvements…

The current Contractor has been with the Program from its inception in 2017. Because of the rapid response of specialized work and due to the lack of a possible Transition Out and Transition In period, Deloitte LLP can provide continuous program coverage, with no lapse in risk mitigation and FDA risk management support for the Community. The current contractor is best suited to carry out the duties of a follow-on extension.

Because this order was planned to be competed among the five new BTT BPAs, which currently have stop work orders issued against them due to a protest, which was dismissed due to the FDA agreeing to voluntary corrective action, there is not enough time to transition this work currently being performed by Deloitte Consulting to a possible new vendor. By the time a new order is competed, the current order will have expired on December 31, 2020, which would create a lapse in service due to the time it would take to onboard possible new personnel. A new order would also potentially require a new contractor to duplicate ongoing work, which would provide for a significant increase in cost and loss of work that is already in the stages of being completed.

Without the execution of this sole source follow-on extension to the current order, a disruption (i.e. a lapse) in essential services would result in decreased operational efficiency of the Agency, which would be an unacceptable outcome, since it would adversely affect the FDA’s mission. Extending HHSF223201510010B/HHSF22317001 for an additional 12 months would mitigate the noted operational risks. The current contractor is best positioned to provide the required continued services and accomplish the immediate work activities in the most schedule and cost-efficient manner until the current BTT BPA stop work orders are lifted.

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