Federal News Network: Congress finishes up NDAA, Trump still threatening veto

“Congress finished up the 2021 version of the defense authorization bill with just a few weeks to spare. The agreement between House and Senate conferees marks the 60th year in a row that lawmakers will send a defense policy bill to the president’s desk.”

“The battle over the bill isn’t over yet though. President Donald Trump threatened to veto the legislation if it did not repeal a piece of the 1996 Telecommunications Act, which shields tech companies from liability from content posted by their users.”

“So far, leaders of the Armed Services Committees stated that a provision like that is completely non-germane to the defense bill and would not entertain the idea…”

“What actually made it into the bill ranges from COVID-19 issues to military pay raises.


The bill approves more than $731 billion for the military, but does not approve another $8.9 billion that will go to the military in a different bill…” Read the full article here.

Source: Congress finishes up NDAA, Trump still threatening veto – By Scott Maucione, December 3, 2020. Federal News Network.



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