Obama Health leads rumored to lead two-headed pandemic operation under Biden

“The Biden White House is likely to have a two-headed pandemic operation. Nothing is final, but a transition source tells Joanne that Jeff Zients, an experienced manager who led the effort to repair HealthCare.gov in the Obama administration, is likely to be the guy who will oversee the pandemic response but will partner with a top flight health expert. The person most often mentioned for that health role is Vivek Murthy, who served as surgeon general under Barack Obama and who has been a pivotal adviser during the campaign.

Joanne — and everyone else in town — is hearing a bunch of names for the various posts. The health positions are still in flux — and there are surprises in every administration. And, since we’re all relying on phone calls and Zoom instead of running into sources as we lead our normal lives, there’s a lot of echo chamber.

It could come sooner, but don’t be surprised if the health team leaks over the weekend.”

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Source: Biden, after the fall – By Dan Diamond, November 30, 2020. POLITICO.



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