Press Release: GRSi Tasked to Support NIH Leadership Onboarding Project for the Office of the Director (OD)

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of the Director has chosen GRSi to help support development of innovations in its Executive Leadership onboarding. The team will assess and facilitate evolution of the onboarding process for senior leaders in the OD and carry that from basic orientation to more advanced and deep processing of roles and organizational structures of the OD that are impactful to the positions held by new leaders.

In addition, GRSi will provide active assimilation services by helping leaders understand the OD organizational culture and politics not only within the OD, but also with its relationship to NIH. This will include an accelerated executive integration process designed to quickly identify resources that bring leaders up to speed quickly through networking.

“We are excited for the opportunity to help new NIH leaders be as effective as possible, as quickly and efficiently as possible. It’s our honor to be of service to some of the greatest leaders and minds in the health, research, and public service community.” – Diane Yarnell, Executive Vice President.

GRSi drives state-of-the-art innovations and solutions across the Civilian, Defense, and Intel communities, as well as the commercial industry. Our professional technical and engineering services deliver next-generation systems engineering, cybersecurity, technology insertion, and best practices-based Enterprise Operations (EOps) management.

Our worldwide top-talent brings proven agility and innovation while maintaining compliance and governance. GRSi stabilizes, optimizes and transforms our clients’ environments, realizing their must-have objectives of resilient, reliable, and forward-leaning technical efficiencies.

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Source: GRSi Tasked to Support NIH Leadership Onboarding Project for the Office of the Director (OD) – December 2, 2020. GRSi.



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