Protest of BTT BPA prompts FDA bridge contract for OFBA Business Process Improvement, Workforce Management and Support Services

Award Number: 47QRAA18D001P

Task/Delivery Order Number: 75F40121F80024

“The objective of this action issues a sole source to the current contractor, Deloitte Consulting, to ensure no lapse in services as the BPA award is being protested.”

“The scope of this effort will be on transitioning into a consumption-based way of conducting business, based upon service-line activities, which includes developing programs and linking together all aspects of financial management business processes, policies, and procedures. Additionally, it will support FDA’s need to systematically plan, implement, and monitor FDA’s shared administrative operations through strategic assessment and analysis, information dissemination, data driven decision, and the application of technical expertise. To continue improving process efficiency, there is a business need to identify and explore robust connections between people, innovation, and services, resulting in collaborative communities of practice and improved business models. FDA’s goal is to enable organizations and individuals to achieve more flexibility in day-to-day business requirements, by leveraging and enabling systems and innovation (i.e., artificial intelligence, automation, social media, video, microlearning, etc.). FDA requires support to develop evaluation capacity; improve decision making and risk management through systematic inquiry; strategic alignment to ensure mission effectiveness; and facilitate change across FDA’s centrally provided administrative functions.”

“Total estimated dollar value and performance/delivery period. The OFBA requirement is approximately valued at $6,500,000. The period of performance will be January 1, 2021 through June 30, 2021 with a 6-month optional extension.”

“This previous requirement was solicited and competed amongst the three multiple-award Business Transformation Team (BTT) BPAs HHSF223201510010B (Deloitte Consulting), HHSF223201510011B (KPMG) and HHSF223201510012B (Guidehouse) which has now expired. This new requirement is not being competed amongst the newly awarded BTT BPA five holders as a protest was issued. The task order incumbent (Deloitte) under the BPA is the most economical and efficient vendor with the requisite technical knowledge and unique expertise to support the immediate need for continued OFBA services for the following reasons. This issue of the task order provides for the continued business transformation services until the BPA protest is resolved. The OFBA BTT is critical to Agency operations and FDA cannot fulfill its mission in absence of these support services…”

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Deloitte was recently named to the updated list of NXT UP firms poised to make big waves in the Federal sector in 2020 and for years to come.

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