VA RFI: Franchise Fund Support Services (IOSS Recompete)

Notice ID: 36C10B21Q0084

The Contractor shall provide the services necessary to support the professional services and solutions offered to ITOPS IO and its customers to include data center operations, systems security, systems architecture services, hardware/software technical knowledge, technical infrastructure services, enterprise applications management services, data center IT facilities, connectivity support, service desk/configuration management database support, and command center support. ITOPS IO is evolving to a DevSecOps and Product Line Management model, focused on efficiently delivering secure and high availability infrastructure solutions in support of VA’s mission. The Contractor shall play a critical role in VA’s Infrastructure Operations Modernization strategy, which is tied to VA’s DevSecOps strategy.  The Contractor shall be responsible for developing and implementing formal 1 year innovation roadmaps to modernize data center operations.  The innovations and outcomes are the responsibility of the Contractor.  The skillsets and focus areas for innovation shall at a minimum support:

  • Site Reliability Engineering (SRE): Function that addressed Infrastructure and Operations problems like a software engineering problem.  This area focuses on automation and adopting new approaches to take a holistic approach to supporting systems.
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Implementation: Provision and management of infrastructure through machine-readable definition files managing and provisioning computer data centers through machine-readable definition files.
  • Immutable Infrastructure: This is the concept of establishing VM/servers with a common image, and not modified after deployment.  When a device needs to be replaced or updated, a new VM built from a common image to takes its place.

The Contractor has autonomy to identify innovation opportunities compliant with VA policies and requirements beyond those baselined topic areas.  The Contractor shall develop annual modernization roadmaps and their plans to implement, seek approval from an innovations oversight team to be established by the VA team, and implement the innovations to achieve the success.  If innovations are not approved, the VA will provide a rationale and the Contractor is responsible for developing a revised plan.

In support of modernization efforts, IO collaborates with other organizations including ITRM, SMP, ECO, EPMO, and EHRM. As a result, ITOPS IO support services will be evolving throughout the task order where performance and support may be adjusted to support consolidating, transforming, and modernizing IT infrastructure across the enterprise. VA IT infrastructure modernization efforts include managing data, migration efforts to the cloud, improving cybersecurity, digitizing business processes, and decommissioning legacy systems.

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