VAntage Point: VA Profile allows Veterans to update contact information on all VA systems

“VA is empowering Veterans to manage their information through a simplified, personalized experience on, called VA Profile. Once signed into the website, Veterans can view, update and change their contact information, such as phone number, email, home and mailing address.

VA Profile updates all VA systems, which removes the burden from Veterans calling multiple VA administrations with the same information, at times impacting delivery of services.

VA Profile improves VA systems by synchronizing and sharing Veteran data across the VA enterprise, giving VA customers control, visibility and ownership of their information. In turn, employees have the up-to-date information they need to personalize interactions and provide excellent customer service….”

“VA Profile reaches out to Veterans in multiple ways

VA Profile is part of a Veteran’s journey from the very early stages of their interaction with VA. VA Profile helps establish profile information for transitioning service members so that VA is ready to serve them from day one of their new Veteran life. In partnership with the DoD, VA launched the VA Solid Start program where military and contact information is used to proactively assist Veterans to receive VA benefits and services around 90, 180 and 365 days post-separation…”

“What information is synchronized?

VA Profile provides a single source of truth for Veteran data across all VA systems. It synchronizes name, phone/email, address, military personnel data, awards, disability ratings, health benefits and other demographic information. VA Profile began sharing contact, health plans, and benefits information to assist community partners through the health information exchange, contributed to the new Electronic Health Record system and centralized scheduling solution…” Read the full post here.

Source: VA Profile allows Veterans to update contact information on all VA systems – December 14, 2020. VAntage Point.



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