Army MEDCOM awards $11M FASOR Modernization contract

Service-disabled Veteran-owned Three Wire Systems has been awarded a 5-year contract with the Department of the Army for Family Advocacy System of Record (FASOR) Modernization. The contract was funded by USA MEDCOM and awarded using GSA IT-70.

FASOR is a clinical information system developed on the Xtendable Platform that supports the Army Family Advocacy Program (FAP) mission to assist in the prevention, early identification and verification of reported cases of spouse or child abuse. FASOR facilitates the collection, storage and reporting of treatment and maltreatment prevention health data Army-wide. It also provides a server-based system for background checks on applicants, volunteers and employees; creates the ability to transfer data seamlessly among Army installations; and simplifies the case management and reporting processes.

Contract Duration: 60 months
Total Contract Value: $10,913,417.41
Funding Agency: DEPT OF THE ARMY
Award ID: W9124J20F0110

Note: For security purposes, the release of details related to DOD award actions can be delayed as much as 90 days after the award.



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