Commentary and Webinar: Driving Data with Emerging Technologies: Insights from HHS’ ReImagine Grants Initiative

Agencies across government can learn from innovative leaders in developing data strategies that leverage AI and other emerging technologies. Specifically, AI and intelligent automation (IA) technologies can improve grants management by expediting access to information and standardizing grant processes.

As government agencies strive to improve service by implementing advanced technologies, how that data informs strategy and business decisions represents a critical element of success. The IBM Center for The Business of Government and the Partnership for Public Service recently hosted five virtual panels on this subject, focused on readying agency data by using artificial intelligence and other technology solutions. These sessions focused on detecting and addressing agency data quality issues that might stem from bias or inaccuracy, and on addressing barriers to data sharing within and across agencies to promote better access through technology. The insights and lessons learned from these discussions will help government to advance data strategies within and between agencies.

The fourth in our series of reports from the five panel discussions summarizes insights and lessons learned from the Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) “ReImagine HHS Grants” initiative, led by Michael Peckham. Peckham addressed how his team uses intelligent automation, especially artificial intelligence and blockchain, to make the grants management process more efficient. The HHS initiative, which concluded in September and whose lessons learned are now being implemented throughout HHS, provides significant insight for applying emerging technologies for modernizing grants management (for more information about the Reimagine initiative, see this summary post from HHS).

The full webinar discussion is available here. Highlights follow. Read more here.

Source: Driving Data With Emerging Technologies: Insights from HHS’ ReImagine Grants Initiative – By Daniel Chenok, January 8, 2021. LinkedIn.



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