Fast-growing VA and CMS Digital Services Partners Agile Six and Cognitive Medical Systems partner to launch joint venture

“Two San Diego-based, Veteran-owned firms, Agile Six, creators of custom, digital transformation solutions for government agencies, and Cognitive Medical Systems, experts in helping large public and private organizations make the most of their comprehensive healthcare IT investments, announced today the launch of a joint venture.”

“CivitasDX, a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), will empower Government entities to transform their front- and back-end digital experience efficiently, effectively, and scalably, beginning with the Veterans Administration. The VA has recently approved the novation of Agile Six’s T4NG (Transformation Twenty-One Total Technology-Next Generation) prime contract to the new joint venture.”

“The formation of CivitasDX is a purpose-driven, strategic move by both organizations,” said Robert Rasmussen, Co-Founder and CEO of Agile Six, who will also serve as CivitasDX’s Managing Director. “This joint venture combines our companies’ collective expertise to help a wide array of Federal, state, and local Government organizations better serve their constituents. We will do so through a robust and modern, yet practical and responsive, approach to technology development. Together we will maximize project outcomes!”

“CivitasDX offers technology services to Government organizations in a way that makes even the most daunting problems easier to solve. These capabilities include:

  • Agile Software Development – building software responsively within active feedback loops and delivering value often to meet stakeholder needs in the shortest time possible.
  • Knowledge Management & Analytics Platforms – implementing systems that store, organize, analyze, and react to information to provide agencies actionable data.
  • Digital Workflow Transformation – enabling agencies to seamlessly adjust processes to embrace the best practices desired by their targeted constituents.
  • User Experience Research & Design – utilizing a mixed-methods approach to tackle tough tech problems and design the right solutions around the right people.
  • Systems Integration – Using systems thinking to re-imagine, guide, implement, and maintain the secure integration of separate systems and subsystems within and enterprise to ensure efficient delivery of services and data.”

“CivitasDX’s approach to delivery will also differ from its competitors. The joint venture seeks to engage its agency clients in iterative projects emphasizing continuous deployment (CD) and integration (CI). This model delivers ongoing value (“early and often”) that achieves measurable outcomes at all stages, not just the final one, thereby optimizing agency budgets.”

“We are honored and eager to take on projects in this manner that benefit the Veteran community using the T4NG contract vehicle through CivitasDX,” said Douglas W. Burke, President of Cognitive Medical Systems. “But our mission is much broader than the VA and Veterans. We seek to help transform the way US citizens interact with their Government and help Government agencies more effectively communicate and do business with the citizens they serve. There is a lot of work to be done here, and we’re up to the challenge!”

“About CivitasDX

CivitasDX brings efficient, effective, and empowering digital transformation to government partners to provide better value to the American public. More information is available at”

“About Agile Six

Agile Six works with government agencies to create digital solutions that meet their users’ needs, both staff and citizens. The end goal is to create digital products that are as powerful and easy to use as the apps on your phone. More information is available at”

“About Cognitive Medical Systems

Cognitive Medical Systems helps public and private organizations make the most of their healthcare and other IT investments. The company draws from decades of operational experience in clinical healthcare delivery, informatics, UI/UX, human factors engineering, and enterprise software development, specializing in complex infrastructure, workflows, decision support, and systems integration. To learn more about Cognitive, please visit

Source: Agile Six, Cognitive Medical Systems launch joint venture – January 5, 2021.

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