FDA inks CDER Analytics Modernization SAS BPA

Updated January 15, 2021

Notice ID: 1235685

Contract: 75F40121A00013

FDA posted the RFQ (FDA-RFQ-2021-1238077) on GSA e-Buy with a limited source justification (see attachment). The objective was to establish a BPA for the purchase and renewal of SAS software, services and training. EIS was the only responsible source that can satisfy the agency’s requirements because they were SAS’ sole authorized reseller for Version 8 and later of the Software to government entities and institutions. Additionally, the EIS GSA Schedule is the sole GSA Schedule which offers professional services specifically performed by SAS employees.

This BPA allowed FDA to purchase provided advanced-level architectural and technical support for installing, configuring, and operating SAS and JMP systems, while ensuring minimal impact on the user community for transitions between current products, services and systems and future acquisitions. The BPA secured significant discounts off the EIS’ GSA schedule (Contract 47QTCA18D0081) for SAS software license subscription and purchase, professional service support, and training; and reduced administrative costs for contract maintenance, inventory, tracking, accounting, and procurement actions through the life cycle of this BPA.

This will be a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) issued for a five (5)‐year term (1‐year base period with 4 option periods) under the Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) 70, Contract 47QTCA18D0081 with Executive Information Systems, LLC (EIS), for acquisition and renewal of brand name Statistical Analysis System (SAS) software, maintenance, and support services. This BPA applies to capabilities under special item numbers (SIN): SIN 511210 Software Licenses, SIN 611420 Information Technology Training, and SIN 54151S Information Technology Professional Services.

FDA has utilized the HHS Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) managed by NIH for 19 years for desktop SAS 9.x and JMP licenses. In 2018, multiple CDER offices began contracting with SAS to procure cloud‐based SAS Viya software and support for advanced analytics, natural language processing, and visualizations that are not in scope of the HHS ELA. As a result of these disparate procurements and lack of centralized oversight, CDER’s SAS expenditures have increased over in less than 5 years. Further, CDER’s strategic IT initiatives involve optimizing the broad analytics portfolio into a centralized cloud‐based enterprise data and analytics solution, CDEROne…

The objectives of this acquisition are to create a BPA that would allow the FDA to procure software and services that:

  • Centralize the procurement, infrastructure, licensing, and support of SAS and JMP software subscriptions, to include additional software and services not available under the existing HHS ELA
  • Support migration of desktop and server installations ultimately to one cloud‐based environment in CDER
  • Provide training and user support for staff as they migrate to new software and capabilities SAS and JMP software are mission critical applications for new and generic drug review, drug supply chain, and drug safety analyses and tracking. Thousands of FDA staff and contractors utilize SAS and JMP software for clinical trial data reviews, analysis and prioritization of drug manufacturing site inspections, and identifying adverse events pre and post market…

This BPA shall run concurrently with the current HHS ELA through December 31, 2021 to facilitate the immediate transition of desktop licenses as well as allow for the same terms, conditions, and guaranteed discounts to be applied to this new agreement. The HHS ELA discounts consist of a reduction in software, reduction in services, and reduction in training costs from the GSA schedule. This new agreement shall also include the option to purchase all of the software and services currently available under the HHS ELA, should FDA choose to not renew the ELA after December 31, 2021.

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Posted January 5, 2021

Executive Information Systems, LLC (EIS) has been awarded a new BPA with the Food and Drug Administration for CDER Analytics Modernization SAS. The contract was awarded using GSA IT-70.

Number of Bidders: 1
Award ID: 75F40121A00013

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