Federal Telemedicine News: DHA Discusses Digital Health

“Dr. Simon Pincus, M.D. Chief of the Connected Health Branch at the Defense Health Agency (DHA) https://health.mil delivered his thoughts on how Military Health Service (MHS) providers should keep an eye on lessons learned and the importance of five important digital health trends for 2021.”

“Lesson 1- There is the need to address virtual health especially for Telecritical Care. The spike in COVID-19 cases this winter is increasing requirements for intensive care. DHA is addressing this shortfall though the Joint Tele-Critical Network (JTCCN) which provides virtual healthcare and treatment at a distance…”

“Lesson 3- The DHA transition and implementation of MHS GENESIS will encourage standardization, optimization, innovation and enable DHA to combine all military medical treatment facilities to ensure that care is provided in a unified, standardize way.”

“MHS GENESIS will continue its rollout through 2023. Significant MHS GENESIS improvements include providing secure messaging between patients and care teams to enable providers to dictate directly into the EHR.”

“Lesson 4- Interoperability and Integration of Technology is vital since the MHS has a worldwide, highly mobile population that moves between legacy systems. DHA has made progress toward interoperability among MHS GENESIS, AHLTA, VA and healthcare networks.”

“Integration of technology requires the integration of EHR and digital data from providers, patients, and from remote health monitoring. The use of artificial intelligence and predictive analytics may be able to help reduce redundancy and delay of care…” Read the full article here.

Source: DHA Discusses Digital Health – January 25, 2021. Federal Telemedicine News.



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