Healthcare Finance: Elizabeth Richter named interim head of CMS as Biden transitions to new era

“As President Joe Biden settles into the Oval Office, his new administration has named Elizabeth Richter acting administrator for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, where she will serve on an interim basis until a permanent chief is chosen. Picking a new administrator will require Senate confirmation.

The change was reflected on CMS‘ website, which lists Richter as acting administrator. She has served with CMS since 1990, beginning with the Bureau of Policy Development, where she worked on inpatient hospital payment policy. She then worked on a variety of Medicare payment issues…”


The move is the first sign of future healthcare policy changes, given Biden’s promises to reform the industry in part by expanding access and strengthening the Affordable Care Act. Richter succeeds outgoing administrator Seema Verma, who resigned on Wednesday along with the rest of former President Trump’s appointed officials.

Last week, Verma submitted her resignation with an effective date of January 20, a customary move for political appointees as one administration transfers power to another.

“I will never stop fighting for American patients,” said Verma via tweet on Wednesday. “Signing off.”

According to Politico, Richter will be accompanied by…” Read the full article here.

Source: Elizabeth Richter named interim head of CMS as Biden transitions to new era – By Jeff Lagasse, January 21, 2021. Healthcare Finance.



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