HHS IHS Sources Sought: IT Strategic Plan (ITSP) for the Office of Information Technology (OIT)

Notice ID: 75H70421Q00012

The IHS wishes to develop a strategic plan to guide its Information Technology program and efforts over the next three to five years with the understanding that decisions and efforts resulting from the plan will have long term implications on the organization.  The plan should be a guiding resource for the organization and help synthesize other guidance such as the Administration’s priorities, the Presidential Management Objectives, the HHS Secretary’s priorities, HHS IT Strategic Plan, the IHS Director’s Priorities, the IHS Strategic Plan, IHS CIO priorities, OMB Mandates, ONC Guidance, and stakeholder goals and requirements.  The culmination as formulated within the IHS IT Strategic Plan (ITSP) should paint a clear picture of the priorities that guide all who interact with the IHS IT Program.  In developing the ITSP, the IHS wishes to involve a large and diverse, but appropriately focused, set of perspectives so as to help the organization achieve board goals and sweeping modernization.

The primary deliverable of this contract and process will be a written organizational ITSP document that presents the planning process, research, analysis, opportunities and strategies along with an implementation plan that will guide the IHS Information Technology Program for the next three – five years. The goal of this effort is to build on the work of the previous plan and to look forward as the organization continues to evolve. The end result will be a strategic plan which will communicate the organization’s IT and HIT goals and priorities, and how these will be achieved and measured in the context of our vision and mission…


Obligations and Program Inventory and Analysis ‐ Inventory existing obligations, program offerings, and partnerships to serve as a baseline to identify service gaps and opportunities for IHS IT and HIT services, programs, partnerships, and collaborations to raise the physical, mental, social, and spiritual health of American Indians and Alaska Natives to the highest level

Conduct stakeholder interviews and/or focus groups with key leaders and constituencies including, for example: IHS leadership, IHS advisory groups, IHS professional groups and councils, etc.  Digital surveys may also be appropriate.

The expectation is for the contractor to perform a stakeholder viewpoint assessment that shall inform a strategic planning process – a survey of stakeholders will be a priority.

Stakeholders to be assessed shall include IHS leadership, IHS advisory groups, IHS professional groups and councils, HHS counterparts, and other key leading organizations.

Compile analyze and present available directives, priorities, initiatives, and strategic plans.

Conduct a situational analysis of the IHS IT organization to identify and assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to the mission/purpose.

Examination of the current IHS IT and HIT mission, vision, and values should be included.

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