Included below are the Most Viewed Interviews for 2020, based on metrics from the G2X Daily Take Newsletter.

Why is Interoperability an Issue and What is the Root Cause?
In this interview with Perspecta’s Chief Technologist of its health business group, Bo Dagnall, MileMarker10 CEO, Susan Sharer, digs into the root causes of interoperability challenges, the use of FHIR as PART of the solution and what comes next.

Telehealth during the Pandemic and What Comes Next for VA, DHA, CMS and HHS
This interview with Amwell’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Peter Antall, and its Group Vice President, W.B. “Mitch” Mitchell early in March, explores how things played out during the pandemic and what we might expect next.

Understanding the True Role of Disruption in Federal Health
This interview with Clement Chen, VP, Health & Human Services, Leidos Health Group, discusses the difference between conventional technology improvement that is sustaining versus disruptive technology, and offers advice to industry and Government on how to differentiate between the two and seek positive disruption.

COVID: Confirmation of VA’s Digital Transformation Strategy
In this interview with James Gfrerer, Assistant Secretary for Information and Technology and Chief Information Officer with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the conversation turns to how VA’s ongoing transformation supports its COVID response, ongoing challenges, the importance of DevSecOps and how the industry can help moving forward.

Dr. Barclay Butler, DHA: Facing Challenges As An Organization
During a recent event, Leading for Impact Series: Driving Organizational Resiliency, Dr. Barclay Butler, Assistant Director for Management and the Component Acquisition Executive, Defense Health Agency, discussed facing challenges as an organization and how industry partners can help.

FEHRM: An Update and a Look to the Future
Last summer, the Federal Electronic Health Record Modernization (FEHRM) program office was launched. MileMarker10’s Susan Sharer recently took the opportunity to catch up with Dr. Lauren Thompson, FEHRM’s Director for Interoperability.

Customer Experience Taking Priority at Veterans Affairs and Across Government
This interview with Barbara C. Morton, Deputy Chief Veterans Experience Officer, Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) discusses the value of the customer, and employee experience, COVID as a driver of empathy, sharing lessons learned to bolster Government, and what to expect for 2021.

Innovation, Technology and Focus Driving VA’s Renaissance
In this interview, MileMarker10 CEO Susan Sharer meets with Pamela Powers, Acting Deputy Secretary for the Department of Veterans Affairs, to discuss the renaissance at VA, technology and innovation, the challenges of COVID and scaling, and her perspective as a woman Veteran.

The Long-Term View of Telework and its Competitive Advantage
This interview with Mark Tyrrell, Managing Partner and a founder of Right Resources, looks at employing a remote workforce and the skills needed, the impact of COVID on Federal Health, the competitive advantage of telework, and what comes next.

Partnerships between Industry and Agencies like VA: Solving COVID 19 Challenges Together
Acumen Solutions VA Account Lead, Mandy Peckham, had the opportunity to connect with Danielle Krakora, VHA Innovation Ecosystem Fellow and Office of Information Technology (OIT) SaaS/PaaS Product Owner, and Dallas Blaney, Executive Director for Challenge America, to discuss their partnership on the COVID-19 Maker Challenge, a unique challenge event aimed at supporting essential workers on the front lines of COVID-19.

Trends and Technologies in Healthcare and Wellness in Military Health
Leidos’ Chief Medical Officer, Donald Kosiak, MD, recently sat down to discuss his views on new trends and technologies in Healthcare and wellness, how they affect the performance and readiness of Service Members, and their potential impact on military families.

IT Challenges in Federal Healthcare
Federal Healthcare agencies face a unique set of challenges that can be much different from commercial Healthcare organizations and other Government agencies. In this interview with Okta’s Habib Hourani, Team Leader for Federal Solutions Engineering and Michael Giroux, Manager for Federal Healthcare, we dig into these unique challenges and what the future of Healthcare and technology might look like.

COVID May Not Have Ignited the Need for Interoperability, But It Is the Accelerant
The COVID pandemic brought many challenges to the Healthcare industry, which forced the leadership across the space to look deeper into opportunities for data sharing and telehealth. In this interview, Karsten Russell-Wood, Portfolio Leader, Post Acute & Home at Philips, discusses interoperability as an anthropology; interoperability for a resilient health system; and interoperability as the one thing we need to do better.

The DevSecOps Journey at VA
This interview with Todd Simpson, the Deputy Assistant Secretary for DevSecOps at Veterans Affairs (VA), discusses DevSecOps at VA, EHRM, the concept of Technical Debt and what’s ahead for FY21.

Maintaining Connections with Agencies like CMS and Strategies for Small Businesses Success During Times of Crisis
This interview with Deme Berry, CEO of Berry Technology Solutions, looks at succeeding as a small business, and getting creative about engaging with clients, and staff, in a virtual world.

CIO-SP3 SB and CMS SPARC Prime CVP on Growth, Advice to Government and Next Steps
MileMarker10 CEO, Susan Sharer, had the opportunity to speak with Anirudh Kulkarni, Founder and CEO of CVP, to gain his insights on moving from a small to mid-tier business, what Government needs to focus on when buying, the importance of people, and what comes next.

Looking for more great content? Check out this year’s digital edition of the FedHealthIT Winter Magazine for more interviews and articles.



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