Press Release: Live IT Support Kiosks and Smart Lockers Installed in Federal Health & Human Services Agency

“HumanTouch, LLC has installed live-technician kiosks at Federal health agency campuses to support their increased IT needs due to Covid-19. The Connect2IT! Kiosk allows government employees to connect their computer or device to a live technician to fix a problem or provide support. In cases where the device needs replacement, staff accesses a temporary device from the Connect2IT! Smart Locker.”

“HumanTouch runs award-winning support services for Federal Agencies, in office and via teleworking staff. The Connect2IT! kiosk provides that same customer service experience while maintaining Covid-19 distancing. Staff access secure, reliable IT services, available 24/7/365. Smart storage lockers offer inventory and asset management with replacement or loaner devices as well as opportunities for agency-wide PC refresh or upgrades and Executive Care.”

“Connect2IT! kiosk gives offices, campuses and regional centers support where employees and contractors rely on it most. The kiosks provide savings by eliminating the need for on-site help desk teams, mailing equipment, or the cost of lost inventory. All kiosks are equipped with real-time live technicians, who solve IT service needs: troubleshooting, repairs, PC refresh, tablet and mobile phone triage through face-to-face, high-definition conversations on an encrypted video connection. Connect2IT! Kiosk supports Executive Care, staff that work around the clock, and the needs of telecommuting Federal Agency staff and regional locations.”

“The Smart Storage Locker provides Federal Agencies a solution for cutting staff downtime due to IT problems. If a customer’s device needs extended IT repair services, the Locker serves as the one-stop shop for IT Support. Employees can quickly exchange their equipment for a preloaded device from the locker bays and have an IT Expert service their problem equipment, all within agency walls.”

“With the Connect2IT! Kiosk and Smart Storage Locker, HumanTouch bridges the gap between people and technology – providing secure working arrangements with reliable, badged and live IT Support for Federal Government IT needs.”

Source: Live IT Support Kiosks and Smart Lockers Installed in Federal Health & Human Services Agency – January 26, 2021. HumanTouch.

HumanTouch was named to the updated list of NXT UP firms poised to make big waves in the Federal sector in 2020 and for years to come.



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