US Army MEDCOM RFI: Behavioral Health Software Platform

Notice ID: W81K0421RBCBT

The Government’s objective is to develop a platform built around proven suicide prevention in active-duty Soldiers and DoD personnel that delivers Brief Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (BCBT) and Cognitive Response Planning (CRP). This platform must have the capability to be accessed confidentially with complete anonymity or, if desired, as part of treatment with a clinician. This will facilitate more widely accessible effective care by delivering self-contained modules downloaded on smart phones available at anytime from anywhere around the world.

The intended outcome leveraging a software solution set is to enable, extend, and augment Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) behavioral health (BH) providers as force multipliers utilizing evidence-based interventions known to reduce suicide attempts and completion within INSCOM. This requirement also includes the necessary training for INSCOM BH providers and technicians to effectively educate and utilize the application within the INSCOM formation across the continuum of care. Additional requirements are as follows:

  • Evidence based suicide screening capability (aligned with the DoD/VA guidelines for suicide prevention) that triages and alerts an assigned Embedded Behavioral Health (EBH) provider team.
  • The software would have an acute management/de-escalation function.
  • Crisis Response Plan Development in concert with assigned provider.
  • BCBT delivery in conjunction in coordination with EBH Team.
  • HIPAA Compliant; Secure Web Based.
  • Web-Based accessible from our INSCOM/MEDCOM Systems and Smartphones.
  • Provides Data Analytics.
  • Assists patients/providers with treatment and allows the patient/provider team to monitor progression over time or through a designated treatment protocol.
  • Has applicability with assessment/treatment beyond suicide i.e., sleep, anxiety, PTSD, Depression. May be an all-in-one or expandable to modules and purpose.
  • Patient education capability/function that can be also be tailored for INSCOM specific information.
  • System should permit adding INSCOM specific content including the presentation of video to address stigma.
  • HIPAA, PHI, PII and DoD compliant for privacy and security. The system should permit secure implementation by the user and be capable of securing communications with BH providers.

The goals of the RFI: Suicide is a significant and growing problem in the US Military, and in Army INSCOM where there is an urgent need. The software solution set should:

  • Leverage evidence-based methods proven to reduce suicide attempts in active-duty soldiers;
  • The software solution set should be created specifically to decrease suicide attempts by providing tools and technology in a stigma free way; and
  • The solution set is software scalable from the ground up designed to be quickly scaled and deployed.

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