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Notice ID: 36C10B21R0008

“The Contractor shall perform Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) services in support of the FMBT program in accordance with the tasks under this PWS.  The PWS requirements were based on the IV&V activities in the Government defined FMBT IV&V Plan.  The FMBT IV&V Plan is a living document, periodically being revised by the Government as knowledge accumulates about the characteristics of the system, the software, and the problem areas in the system or the lifecycle methodology adopted by the FMBT program.”

“The FMBT IV&V Plan is being provided as a comprehensive guide to the IV&V activities defined in support of the FMBT program.  The FMBT IV&V Plan was developed by the Government based on, but not limited to, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Standards to encompass the full breath of IV&V activities potentially performed for the program.  The selection and execution of the IV&V tasks in this effort is expected to be applied based on program risk and the program schedule.

The Government, at its discretion, may define a sub-set of IV&V activities contained within the overall FMBT IV&V Plan for execution within an FMBT IV&V Execution Plan based on program priorities.”

“The Contractor shall work with the Government IV&V team on coordination and scheduling of IV&V tasks within this PWS. The Government IV&V team is Systems Quality Assurance Service (SQAS), under the Office of Quality, Performance and Risk (QPR) within OIT.  SQAS has overall responsibility for IV&V services on the FMBT program.  Contractor and Government IV&V team collaboration will include the use of VA’s Microsoft Teams application…”

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