VA RFI: Innovative Mobile Application to Improve the Military to Civilian Transition and Post Transition/Veteran Status

Notice ID: 36C10B21Q0109

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is on a mission to enhance the Transition experience from military to civilian life for service members, Veterans, members of the National Guard, Reserves and their loved ones. Through the Veterans Benefits Administration, Office of Transition and Economic Development, there is a requirement for an innovative mobile application meant for service members entering the military-to-civilian transition along with current and former members of the National Guard or Reserves and all other Veterans looking for employment while increasing their social connection and enhancing their transition from military to civilian life. The components necessary in the mobile application include:

  1. Employment (at a minimum, allows users to use the application to search all jobs available, translate occupation codes used in the military and upload resume. The Government is also looking to incorporate logic to streamline matching available jobs to the individual’s occupation codes. The current/prototype implementation is curated by IBM’s Watson Employment Manager, a cognitive artificial intelligence tool that helps translate military skill sets into civilian positions. The application will also help users tailor their job searches specifically to what they are skilled in and what they aspire to achieve.
  2. Build social connection in the app. In the current/protype implementation, there is functionality termed “The Squad,” which focuses on personal relationships and social connectedness. For users who opt in, the app will reach out to people in their emotional support networks to check in on them ahead of time, if they sense themselves (or the app finds that they are) approaching a downward emotional spiral.  The app should support users in building a social network (or squad) with current contacts.  Users need the ability to post text, photos, and multimedia securely.
  3. Digital Assistant & Resources (at a minimum has a built-in chat-bot backed by necessary technology to engage the app user and provide real-time resources including financial advice, employment support and information on benefits available to the Veteran from across Federal and Private providers). The current/prototype implementation, includes a digital assistant and AI-enabled chatbot to help users with general questions, connect them with resources specific to their needs and that can also detect if users do not sound normal to their baseline. If so, it can put them in touch with the help they need.
  4. All back-end technology to be included which would run the mobile app to include any artificial intelligence, employment search capability, etc.
  5. Customer service support for mobile application users for problem solving, etc.
  6. Identity management system that would allow current or history of military service to be verified…

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