VA seeking Director to drive Data Migration and Management (DMM)

This position serves as the Director, Data Migration and Management (DMM) and is responsible for overseeing the full range of duties to accomplish major organizational IT strategies, initiatives, programs and projects and supervises staff of IT Specialists and various contractor personnel. Provides technical oversight and direction for DMM and implements and operates IT infrastructure in support of EHRM and VA mission, impacting and supporting the plans, goals, and effectiveness nationwide.

Major duties:

  • Manages and oversees the data migration and management functions and operations and is the principal advisor for strategic planning and oversight for Data Migration and Management.
  • Delivers highly technical analyses of information security policies, strategies, architecture, metrics, risk management, workforce development and business intelligence.
  • Develops and maintains strategic organizational plans, identifying current and future business environments and aligning the organization to those environments.
  • Manages, reviews, and delivers analysis on Data Migration and Management functions, tasks, operations, and business processes in order to identify, remediate, and mitigate gaps in service and efficiency.
  • Conducts program and project research and performance analysis, delivers guidance for process improvement, and manages the implementation of that guidance.
  • Coordinates and/or conducts presentations in long range and annual work planning and IT capabilities to advise on the proposed formulation, management and execution of program resources (personnel and funding) and other management matters through an understanding of requirements and polices based on capabilities and resources.
  • Provides technical and administrative supervision to employees in a variety of professional and non-professional occupations.
  • Provides leadership, allocates resources, and implements activities to accomplish OEHRM multicultural organization direction, and Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights requirements, goals, policies, and objectives.

Read the full job description here.



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