VA Solicitation: Automated Discharge Planning BPA

Notice ID: 36C10B21Q0537

The Contractor shall provide a commercial solution that provides Automated Discharge Planning capabilities to VA.  This solution shall include:

Ability to refer patients to a minimum of 5 facilities at one time using a single referral packet.

Ability to interoperate with VA Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Refer patients to assisted living facilities, group homes, Long Term Acute Care (LTAC), home health, intermediate care centers, hospice agencies, transitional care, gero-psychiatric units, dialysis units, community hospitals and skilled nursing facilities, durable medical equipment (DME), skilled home health, non-skilled home care and transportation services.

Ability to choose payment options when sending referrals (i.e. VA Contract, Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance).

Shall be functional with mobile phones, laptops, tablets and desktop electronic devices.

Ability to display placement options including referral facility photos, maps, clinical services offered, available payment/insurance accepted, and quality rating to maximize informed patient decisions.

Compliant with all VA privacy rules in accordance with PWS Section 2.0.

Reporting functionality to include a minimum of Quarterly benchmarking demonstrating medical center impact. The Contractor shall provide a quarterly benchmarking report demonstrating medical center impact that includes the number of users and the quality results from user feedback to the medical centers. Ability to report of placements (e.g. min/max/average time for referrals)/referrals geographically (e.g. identification successful placement at a care facility/VISN/National level). Reports shall be able to detail local or Enterprise level activity.

Ability to provide active communication (via chat or messaging) between VA and referral facilities.

Ability to search geographically or within VISN.

Ability to verify of successful placement…

The Contractor shall develop and maintain a network of referral resources that will be managed by the Contractor with input by Veterans Health Administration. The referral network shall be able to place patients anywhere there is a VA medical center to include any US territories such as, but not limited to Puerto Rico and Guam. The referral network shall provide real time data and availability for VA placement. The Contractor shall provide contact and pay source eligibility information for all referral sources (nursing homes, home health agencies, etc.) in the referral network at no cost to the referral source. There shall be no preferences given to premium referral sources. There will be a clearly identified contact at each VA facility utilizing the product to serve as liaison with a clearly identified Contractor contact. VA facilities utilizing the product, through the designated VA facility contact, will be responsible for knowing which facilities and agencies contract with the VA and TriWest, and providing this information to the Contractor contact…

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