DigitalVA: Our 2021 Preview—Putting Technology to Work for Veterans

“… So, what’s on tap for 2021?

In short, we are building on the great work of the past few years and are leveraging a range of innovative products and services for our Veterans. In conjunction with our business partners — Veterans Health Administration, Veterans Benefits Administration, and National Cemetery Administration — we’re developing tools to provide Veterans, their families and stakeholders a world-class experience that exceeds their needs. One such tool is VANotify, a new paperless platform that enables VA to send digital notifications to Veterans, their families, and caregivers, instead of using regular postal mail. In addition, we’re leveraging VEText via Short Message Service (SMS) to notify Veterans about appointments…”

“We are building seamless and secure interoperability into our systems while also transforming our procurement and acquisition processes. Together with other agencies, we embody a ‘one team, one fight’ mentality to cybersecurity and that includes where we source our technologies. As we implement new technologies and applications, we will assess security implications, test, and ensure that our processes are coordinated to minimize risk to VA networks. Even though we are operating in a new environment due to the pandemic, we still fulfil our obligation to provide business solutions that are safe, secure, and protect Veterans’ data as well as ensure access.

VA partnered with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon to roll out 5G coverage at our Puget Sound, Miami, and Palo Alto facilities. In 2021, we will be experimenting with how 5G can enable and enhance wearable technology, telemedicine, virtual reality patient care and clinician training. We’re excited by the possibilities 5G offers to power our mission in the service of Veterans and their families. We will continue to lead the way to bring technological innovation that enables better service to Veterans today and strengthens VA’s preparedness to meet Veteran needs in the future.

We continue to modernize our platforms and apps to streamline our connections with Veterans so that new services can be delivered faster and give a world-class customer experience. We are constantly assessing new technologies for potential to help VA execute its mission…” Read the full article here.

Source: Our 2021 Preview—Putting Technology to Work for Veterans – February 25, 2021. DigitalVA.



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