DigitalVA: Stronger Together: VA Launches a Nationwide Drug Monitoring Interface

“The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is continually pursuing  methods of tackling the opioid crisis facing the nation. VA recognized  that the vast pools of information within state Prescription Drug Monitoring Databases (PDMPs) could be leveraged to avoid harmful drug  interactions and increase oversight of controlled drugs across states.  However, until last November, this critical information was fragmented behind outdated interfaces, hampering clinicians’ ability to efficiently  deliver high quality care. After months of preparation and a pilot  phase, VA launched its new State PDMP solution nationally. This solution  marks a major milestone for VA’s implementation of MISSION Act Section  134, which directs VA to participate in a network of state PDMPs. By expanding relations with state databases of controlled substance  prescriptions, VA improves the quality of care and can capture geographic trends that inform care. VA’s new PDMP interface and exchange enhances the existing manual PDMP process, allowing VA to more  seamlessly participate in the national network of State-based  prescription drug monitoring programs. The Office of Information and  Technology (OIT) worked shoulder-to-shoulder with the Veterans Health Administration’s (VHA) PDMP Office to craft a nationwide network with an  intuitive interface that meets clinicians’ need for accurate,  easy-to-understand information…”

“After piloting the solution at two VA Medical Centers with over 500 healthcare providers and licensed delegates, the national rollout has already involved more than 50,000 healthcare providers and licensed delegates across 42 states and territories. OIT continues to work with national and state partners to expand the PDMP exchange to all states and add new user-requested features.” Read the full article here.

Source: DigitalVA: Stronger Together: VA Launches a Nationwide Drug Monitoring Interface – January 29, 2021. DigitalVA.



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