Groups take sides for two of the top contenders in the Search for an FDA Chief

“… As the Biden administration’s search for a permanent Food and Drug Administration commissioner drags on, two of the top contenders — longtime FDA drug director Janet Woodcock, currently serving as acting commissioner, and Obama-era FDA official Joshua Sharfstein — have each accrued their share of supporters and skeptics.”

“More than 80 health organizations, including the American Association for Cancer Research and the Arthritis Foundation, penned a letter to Biden and HHS Secretary nominee Xavier Becerra on Sunday advocating for Woodcock, arguing her 37 years with the agency serve ‘as both a touchstone for how to get things done and a master class in understanding the intricacies of the agency’s work.'”

“The letter followed a similar call from 18 prominent scientists backing Sharfstein’s appointment on Friday. Those researchers and doctors said Sharfstein, the current director of the Bloomberg American Health Initiative at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, would be able to balance the needs of public health and the industries that FDA regulates.”

“The Biden administration is casting the coming weeks as a trial period for Woodcock, though her critics have argued that during her time in government, she gave insufficient oversight to opioid manufacturers. Others, including former commissioners, have urged Biden to promptly choose a new FDA head, due to…” Read the full article here.

Source: Biden’s pro-vax campaign stumbles as states run low on supplies – By Sarah Owermohle, February 8, 2021. POLITICO.



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