HHS OIG seeks Assistant Inspector General for Audit Services (Medicare Program)


As a member of the OAS senior executive team, under the general direction of the Deputy Inspector General for Audit Services, you will be responsible for Medicare audits and related areas of operation.

In carrying out these responsibilities, you will lead and provide executive guidance to staff on programs and operations dealing with an audit program portfolio and the Regional Inspectors General (RIGs) who carry out audit activities in their assigned geographic area or program portfolio. Specifically, you will:

  • Conduct and oversee audits of the operations and programs of assigned portfolio.
  • Ensure all assigned Department Management responsibilities and activities are carried out efficiently and effectively while maintaining the financial integrity of Departmental operations.
  • Oversee the internal quality assurance system, including periodic quality control reviews, to provide reasonable assurance that applicable laws, regulations, policies, procedures, standards and other requirements are followed for audit activities under your purview.
  • Represent the Deputy Inspector General for Audit Services or other senior officials in contacts with the Government Accountability Office and/or other Government organizations in connection with findings in assigned program areas. You may serve as liaison between the Department and other parties for the purpose of exchanging information of mutual benefit related to health care audit issues.
  • Serve as an expert and consultant to the OIG and OAS advisors and leaders to conceive, plan, and manage audit and financial functions, including critical, large-scale programs of national and international scope. Advisory efforts will focus on audit and…”

Read the full job description here.



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