HRSA RFQ: Health Center COVID-19 Vaccine Program Management Office (PMO)

Notice ID: 75R60221Q00072

The purpose of this acquisition is to develop a framework for and to carry out project management and project planning for the implementation of Health Center COVID-19 Vaccine Program for participating HRSA-supported health centers and their clinical services delivery sites.

HRSA is in need of immediate assistance in scaling up its capacity to implement, manage and monitor the Health Center COVID-19 Vaccine Program as well as assistance in establishing the internal controls and procedures necessary to ensure efficient and comprehensive management of the COVID-19 vaccination administration within the Health Centers.

In meeting the objectives of the contract, HRSA is addressing core responsibilities for the implementation of Health Center COVID-19 Vaccine Program, a large scale, and rapidly deployed public health response project. The scope of this activity include:

  1. Project Management
  2. Program Management Support
  3. Program Integrity, Monitoring and Risk Management Support
  4. Strategic Communication Outreach and Coordination of Stakeholder Engagement/Information Management
  5. Reporting and Data Analytics Support
  6. Technical assistance

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