Joint AI Center’s MERIT Initiative Creates Decision Support Tool for DHA Providers

“Warfighter Health’s MERIT Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools are designed to deliver speed and accuracy in clinical decisions that can accelerate healthcare interventions and have a direct impact on force readiness.”

“The health of servicemembers is vital to force readiness. The military has always collected member information—starting at recruitment and extending all the way to separation and/or retirement. The challenge resides in harnessing the power of that data to improve decision making—whether for an individual servicemember, a military unit, or the joint force. It is a major task to aggregate and utilize all of the information that exists in an effective and timely manner to measure health status consistently, but this task is becoming easier with the introduction of electronic health records (EHR) and artificial intelligence tools.”

“The Warfighter Health Mission Initiative within the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center is working on a project known as MERIT—Medical Evaluation Readiness Information Tools. MERIT uses data science and AI capabilities to develop predictive models that analyze electronic healthcare records and other applicable data to provide indicators of a servicemember’s current health status. The initial AI algorithms are designed to be a decision support tool for medical providers. These results can also be summarized to capture unit health and readiness.”

“Visualization is a critical component to demonstrate AI-enabled decision support capabilities for the consumers. The MERIT team has built a dashboard, representing three primary viewpoints of AI (medical provider, commander, and senior leader) to demonstrate its potential. A MERIT dashboard is currently on the Defense Health Agency’s CarePoint system to begin field testing with functional subject matter experts (medical providers, data scientists, and AI experts) to get consumers comfortable with AI and refine the dashboard based on user feedback…” Read the full article here.

Source: The Right Information in the Right Hands at the Right Time – By Joint AI Center, February 8, 2021. CHIPS.



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