Red Team Consulting: CIO-SP4: Latest Updates and Evidence Gathering Recommendations

“NITAAC has announced a delay in the release of the CIO-SP4 Best-In-Class GWAC contract. This is the 4th generation of a contract that is 10 years in scope, covers virtually all Information Technology services, and is available for purchase by the entire Federal Government. The federal contracting community has followed the evolution of this contract since the Draft RFP was released in March 2020 and interest in this vehicle, which was high at the outset, has only grown over the past year.”

“Changes from previous versions of the contract include: 1. The combination of two separate vehicles (other than Small Business and Small Business versions) into a single RFP and award, and 2. The inclusion of a new introductory phase using a Self-Scoring Sheet. There have been no updates to the Draft RFP since last March. To date, there have been 4 Draft Self Scoring Sheets that have been provided between July and September of 2020.”

“NITAAC has staged virtual roadshows at industry events to update the federal contractor community on the status of the contract. In these sessions, numerous changes have been announced but have not been documented in a new Draft RFP. NITAAC has also stated that they would not be answering industry-submitted questions to the Draft RFP and subsequent scoresheets in writing. The contract has evolved throughout the year with numerous announced changes.”

New Changes to CIO-SP4

“Below are the new changes that have been announced during several interviews and statements from NITAAC.

  1. The Final RFP is now anticipated to be released in “mid- to late-March…”
  2. The Final RFP is expected to have a heavy reduction on page count…
  3. The RFP reflects the current SBA requirements regarding Joint Ventures and Contractor Teaming Agreements.
  4. Mid-Tier Award Pool has been eliminated…
  5. Evidence will now be required to substantiate Corporate Experience and other areas of the scoresheet…” Read the full article here.

Source: CIO-SP4: Latest Updates and Evidence Gathering Recommendations – February 25, 2021. Red Team Consulting.



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