Red Team Consulting shares update on what to expect from GSA’s Next Generation IDIQ

“ICYMI…Professional Services Council held a seminar 2/18 on GSA’s Next Generation IDIQ, which is also known as the successor to the current GSA OASIS multiple award GWAC IDIQ. Jill Akridge, Director of Customer Account Management for GSA’s Professional Services Category Team, presented a preview of what to expect from the contract. Here’s what we can expect:

  • The new contract will be more than Professional Services. It could also include other Government needs such as Base Operations, which has been requested by the Air Force.
  • They are combining small and OTSB contracts into a single vehicle.
  • GSA is considering a criteria based approach for source selection where minimum qualifications have to be met.
  • GSA is considering an ongoing open enrollment approach to the contract. Rather than having on-ramp competitions at a predetermined time, contractors who meet qualifications may be able to submit when they meet thresholds to obtain a contract.”

Read more here.

Source: Red Team Consulting via LinkedIn, February 20, 2021.



  1. Team: I’m with GSA’s Office of Professional Services and Human Capital categories. How may I request correction to a statement in the article above to conform to our messaging and intent for the new services contract? The post by Joe Salgado has been updated. I notice that yours remains the same. I wanted to bring your attention to needed change to the 3rd bullet on your Feb. 22nd post above, to stay consistent with the updated source post. Thanks in advance.

    • Thank you so much for reaching out. The post has been updated to match the update on Joe Salgado’s article.


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