SAMHSA RFP: Training and Technical Assistance to Native Connections Grantees

Notice ID: 280-21-0561

The purpose of this contract is to provide training and technical assistance (TTA) to Native Connections (NC) grantees.  Native Connections is a five-year grant program that helps American Indian and Alaska Native communities identify and address the behavioral health needs of Native youth.  Specifically, the program supports grantees in:

  • Reducing suicidal behavior and substance use and misuse among Native youth up to age 24
  • Easing the impacts of substance use, mental illness, and trauma in tribal communities
  • Supporting youth as they transition into adulthood

This requirement will provide technical assistance and training to grantees of the Native Connections program and assist in wide scale dissemination of best practices and lessons learned.  The technical assistance and training will focus on evidence informed practices and promotion of mental, emotional, and behavioral health.

The Contractor shall:

2.1: TTA for Conducting Service Delivery System (SDS) Analysis

Provide TTA to grantees to assist them in strengthening their existing service delivery systems and/or to begin building the necessary infrastructure to successfully prevent substance use or misuse and minimize youth suicide risks in their communities.

Develop and annually review tribal specific TTA plans based on the grantee’s Strategic Action Plan that will direct resources to assist the grantee in implementing the plan.

2.2: TTA for Developing Community Readiness Assessments (CRAs)

Provide TTA to the Native Connections grantees for the development of a CRA to assess the community’s readiness and capacity to successfully prevent suicide, substance use and misuse and minimize youth suicide risk in their communities.

2.3: TTA for Developing Strategic Action Plans

Provide TTA to the grantees to assist them with developing or strengthening their strategic action plans.  Plans shall include establishing and implementing data-driven goals and outcomes and reducing the prevalence and effects of substance misuse in tribal and village communities.  In addition, the Strategic Action Plan shall address the prevention of tribal substance use or misuse and suicide risk and the promotion of mental health, with a particular emphasis on youth, and will provide for a greater degree of service coordination among all healthcare disciplines practicing within the community.

Assist the grantee in developing a successful Strategic Action Plan that reflects the following core elements:

Needs assessment;

  • Review of the resources and capacity within the tribal communities;
  • Plan for carrying out the strategy, monitoring of the strategy as implemented; and
  • An evaluation of the strategy to identify strengths and challenges.

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