Notice ID: 36C10B21Q0154

The Contractor shall provide technical support services for VA Corporate Data Centers, VA NOC, TIC Gateways, and BPE, consisting of all technical activities necessary to design, implement, maintain, operate and improve the VA enterprise network security and network transportation services, including core, distribution and access layers.

The Contractor shall provide project management, documentation management, asset management, change/configuration management, network operations and maintenance, SD telecommunication, software development and support; database administration and support, network and security, business process, VA’s next generation network planning, and transition support.

The tasks in the PWS shall require the Contractor to provide service design, configuration and implementation of network devices, network security devices, applications, storage and physical/virtual systems supporting the TIC Gateways, NOC Infrastructure and Information Security Systems throughout the VA Enterprise. The Contractor shall collect metrics, perform the evaluation and technical refresh of hardware and software for all VA NOC owned devices, enabling the ability to locate equipment across the VA’s Enterprise infrastructure.

To meet the new demands for the OMB mandates for data center consolidation, various new enterprise application introductions, remote support for telemedicine technologies, radiology, telemedicine convergence of voice and video, and the continuation of systems centralization to the RDPCs, OIT must continue to pursue an evolving robust, high performance, cost effective, and assured telecommunications infrastructure and IT infrastructure in order to meet or exceed the growth trends. To meet these new demands, OIT is continuing five major IT initiatives to transform the WAN Design, move to enterprise telecommunication services and infrastructure, realign VA IT, Vista evolution, and move VA IT and telecommunication into the Cloud. These initiatives will be evolving throughout the TO performance and support may be adjusted to reflect any transformation of the major IT initiatives resulting from pending MyVA reorganization.

Work tasks include; monitoring, design and development, operations and maintenance, security management, request/ incident/ problem/ change/ program/ project/ requirements management, documentation production, process automation, next generation planning, asset management, as described in VA Handbook 6221:

  • Implement and maintain a VA Enterprise WAN
  • Provide potential for reduced infrastructure support costs
  • Improve manageability of the network
  • Secure the VA Enterprise against cyber attack
  • Establish effective metrics to measure performance
  • Organize information faster and more cost-effectively

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