VA to extend Accenture contract for Integrated Colmery Delivery

Notice ID: 36C10B19N10130003_P00007

Contract: VA118-16-D-1013

The proposed modification to Transformation Twenty-One Technology Next Generation (T4NG) Contract VA118-16-D-1013 Task Order (TO) 36C10B19N10130003 is for an extension of up to six (6) months for the Integrated Colmery Delivery (ICD) effort in order to provide one (1) to two (2) additional development builds for the Chapter 33 Long Term Solution (LTS) system and LTS interfaces in preparation for the forthcoming Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) Digital GI Bill effort.

TO 36C10B19N10130003 was awarded to Accenture Federal Services, LLC (AFS) on February 15, 2020 for a fully functional and operational solution that fully implemented the Harry W. Colmery Veterans Education Assistance Act of 2017 requirements within VA’s education information technology (IT) systems, specifically LTS and its interfaces, to include all software and/or software development, integration, testing, maintenance and training.

VBA is now in the process of transitioning its education systems from ongoing development and maintenance of its legacy systems to a managed services methodology through a Digital GI Bill initiative.  This effort will extend the current TO for up to six (6) months to provide one (1) three (3) month development build, with an option for an additional three (3) month development build for the legacy LTS system and its interfaces.

The period of performance for the proposed modification shall be from February 15, 2021 to May 14, 2021, with an option to extend to August 14, 2021. Funding has been identified and is available for this action.

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