CDC RFI: NCIRD Data Lake Support

Notice ID: 53591

“NCIRD has implemented cloud-based solutions–the data lake and data storefront–for providing a central data repository for immunization and respiratory diseases data.”

“The data lake and data storefront were developed under CDC contract number 75D30120C09441, awarded to Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation on September 4, 2020.”

“NCIRD now has a requirement for the continued operations and maintenance of the data lake and data storefront. This requirement also includes the onboarding of new data sources and use cases and the expansion of data services and architecture as required to meet Government needs…”


Task 1:  Solutions Implementation

Task 1.1:  Planning and Project Management

The contractor shall provide support to NCIRD to define detailed requirements, project management artifacts, and implementation support for the data lake and data storefront to support the data needs including, but not limited to:

  1. Provide overall Project Management support for all projects, tasks, and activities under this contract.
  2. Provide project management support in managing all aspects of work under this contract. Follow HHS Enterprise Performance Life Cycle Framework in all project management tasks.
  3. Develop a project plan to include a proposed work schedule showing milestones, critical activities, methodologies, required resources, and dependencies for the completion of work.
  4. Manage risks and issues aligned to the work performed on this contract to ensure each work stream is producing according to plans and issues are identified early along with corresponding strategies for remediation…”

“Task 2: Operations and Maintenance

The contractor shall support ongoing implementation through operations and maintenance of technical and data solutions developed, including, but not limited to:

  1. Provide operations and maintenance support for the technical components developed and in production.
  2. Provide ongoing configuration scripting and operations support for cloud based managed services e.g. EKS/AKS and elastic search, kafka (as applicable).
  3. Provide operations and maintenance support for the data flows in the system.
  4. Implement a SLA for the technical services and data services to ensure high availability to meet business needs.
  5. Develop a detailed operations manual covering all aspects, roles, and use cases for the new solutions.
  6. Implement a tiered Service Level Agreement (SLA) plan for each of the functional areas of data onboarding, processing, and provisioning depending upon data products and program needs.
  7. Maintain 24/7 user support, when needed, implementation and maintenance process including a process to support the user needs and fixing any defects and issues per the SLA established…”

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