CMS Sources Sought: MACRA System Integrator (MCSI)

Notice ID: 211224

The Center for Medicare (CM), Medicare Enrollment and Appeals Group (MEAG), Division of Medicare Enrollment and Coordination (DMEC), is charged with supporting agency wide initiatives for improvements to the Medicare Program and internal/external stakeholder collaboration. The primary objective of this effort is to provide CMS with project management and enterprise architecture support for the execution of improvements to Medicare Enrollments, beneficiary address data, and to strengthen and streamline the cross-agency partnership with the Social Security Administration (SSA) and other Federal Partners. This effort will require continued collaboration in implementing a plan to address:

  • CMS collection of beneficiary address data;
  • Exploring CMS and SSA opportunities for collaboration on various topics;
  • Improving State buy-in coverage access for Medicaid beneficiaries by supporting the agency’s effort to monitor the progress of modernizing the Medicare Savings Programs (MSP). In addition to modernization efforts, this project is focused on improving the Medicare buy-in process and data exchanges between States, CMS, and SSA, as well as State identification of dually eligible individuals to Medicare;
  • Project management and planning support to address rulemaking and operational implementation of Medicare enrollment-related statutory requirements as it relates to the 2021 Consolidated Appropriations Act.

CMS recognizes that successful collaboration efforts require project management and CMS enterprise support to ensure continued stakeholder engagement, as well as identification and implementation of successful evaluation measures to reduce the volume and frequency of Medicare enrollment or “accretion” transaction rejections and undeliverable mail. This work will require the development, improvement, and implementation of a project management plan in order to support project and program oversight, as applicable. Additionally, this effort will require enterprise and system integration support in order to develop and maintain enterprise architecture documents to depict visual context supporting project goals and objectives, creating performance metrics for project evaluation, and evaluating and analyzing data for data mining and reporting on data trends. In order to support these goals, the work will entail the following activities:

  • Project Management
  • Enterprise Architecture Support
  • Risk Assessment Development, and Monitoring
  • Data Validations and Quality Control
  • Data Mining, Extraction, Analysis, Validation, Consolidation and Reporting; specifically as it relates to analyzing the following types of data: Medicare, Medicare Enrollment, Medicaid/Medicare Dual Eligible and Beneficiary Address data
  • Executive Reporting and Monthly Status
  • Knowledge Management

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