DHA Solicitation: Policy and Statistical Analysis Services (PSAS)

Notice ID: HT0011-20-R0020

The purpose of this acquisition is to request Contractor services to assist the Director, Defense Health Agency (DHA)/ J5 Analytics and Evaluation Division in the support of DHA and the Military Health System (MHS) in addressing their requests for support and analysis in the following functional areas:

(1) budgeting, pricing and financial analysis;
(2) policy analysis
(3) lifecycle contract management;
(4) contract cost adjustment;
(5) reimbursement support;
(6) cost certification;
(7) information systems and data mining;
(8) MHS Requirements Portal Triage support; and
(9) Optimization and Scenario Modeling Tool associated with the financing and delivery of the MHS using TRICARE.

Analytic Requests require knowledge of the Military Health Care System Direct and Purchased Sector Care, MHS Data Systems, Working Information Systems to Determine Optimal Management (WISDOM) training requirements, the Program Objective Memorandum (POM), health care acquisition & contracting, health care policy, business and clinical analytics, cost containment, etc.

Specifically, the PSAS contract includes:

  • development and maintenance of corporate databases and data systems
  • analysis of cost containment opportunities through various policy changes in benefit design, organization of service delivery, and provider reimbursement
  • actuarial modeling and projecting changes in health care utilization and cost under various policy and program scenarios
  • claims processing systems enhancements
  • analysis and evaluation of dental insurance programs funded by TRICARE
  • technical analysis of health care financing and delivery requirements associated with the acquisition, implementation, operation and expansion of the TRICARE
  • evaluation of various programs/initiatives
  • development of Independent Cost Analysis (ICA) for programs, projects and initiatives
  • Financial analysis and support for the DoD budget formulation
  • Develop and maintain databases with cost projections for the Managed Care (contracts T-17 and T-5)
  • Reference information support tasks consisting of the creation, maintenance, management, analysis, quality assurance, and distribution of a very large and detailed suite of current and historical medical and technical information. These are the MHS official sources of basic reference material and are used in most major MHS accounting, information, enrollment and claims processing systems such as Defense Enrollment Eligibility and Reporting System (DEERS), Defense Health Services (DHSS), Defense Manpower Data, MHS Mart (M2) & MHS Data Repository (MDR), etc…

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