MHS RFP: Enterprise Portfolio Management and Monitoring Services


Notice ID: RFQ1481972

The Government has a requirement for the procurement of a contract management tool and support services to include contract management, program management, financial management, data analysis support, as well as senior management consultative advice regarding the ongoing Military Health System (MHS) transformation and operational efforts.

The objective of implementing EPMMS is to:

  • Leverage active contract portfolio performance monitoring to inform a more efficient CLIN and contract structure; identify ULOs; and make recommendations for deobligation.
  • Support periodic Agency service contract reviews by providing identified service contract performance results to inform Agency decisions.
  • Provide COVID-19/CAREs Act Contract Management and Appropriation/Obligation Tracking and monitoring services.
  • Provide a workflow design and automation solution to standardize and automate labor intensive, manual tasks or processes and provide process tracking, reporting, and management.
  • Provide a human capital management solution that track contractor FTEs by name, location, and cost center to the CLIN level and monitor contractor FTE performance measures such as fill rate (% fill), utilization rate (% hours billed), and FTE cost (hours x rate).
  • Provide improved financial and contracting data accuracy to improve category intelligence and inform Category Management (CM) in support of Agency CM goals.
  • Provide improved financial and contracting data accuracy to inform forecasting attributes and improve Agency Forecasts.
  • Support MHS demand management and market-based buying strategies by offering improved financial and contracting data accuracy to inform execution from MTF to Market with interactive dashboards and reports as required.

To accomplish this, the Contractor shall provide the necessary resources, expertise, tools, and services that support the MHS transformation through process standardization and outcome focused contract portfolio performance management resulting in system-wide improvements and efficiencies. Due to the complexity of the expansive MHS contract portfolio, DHA is largely unable to actively manage contract performance leading to systemic unliquidated obligations (ULOs) and inefficient use of resources. Identifying “excess” ULOs is not a strictly data-driven effort and requires subject matter expertise and extensive coordination across functions, geographies, and domains. To accomplish this, the Contractor shall provide a proven solution, sufficient tools, resources, and expertise to actively manage contract financial resource execution to the CLIN level leading to a reduction in systemic unliquidated obligations (ULOs) and more efficient contract portfolio. The MHS acquisition workforce, including CORs, are under-resourced and burdened with manual, cumbersome processes preventing them from focusing their acquisition acumen on complex tasks, multifaceted challenges, contract administration, and portfolio oversight. DHA requires automation of labor intensive, manual tasks to empower the workforce to focus on high-value activities. To accomplish this, the Contractor shall provide sufficient tools, resources, and expertise to provide a robust workflow design solution. DHA leverages its contractor workforce to support NDAA implementation and MHS transformation but cannot provide “on demand” contractor workforce data, visibility, and reporting. To accomplish this, the Contractor shall provide sufficient tools, resources, and expertise to provide a robust contractor human capital management solution to allow DHA to identify and track contractor FTEs at the CLIN level and facilitate contractor FTE performance measures. Contractor support under this effort may include data analysis, project management, and quality assurance services through a CAC-enabled web-based standardized tool and service designed specifically to provide a single source for contract management and surveillance for DHA-wide use. As an enterprise solution the contractor must demonstrate that the enterprise portfolio management and monitoring services integrate with existing contract management tools currently in use throughout DHA.



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