NIH RFQ: Scientific, Professional and Engineering Support Services (SPESS)

Notice ID: RFQ1481204

This task order BPA is to provide commercial, functional-based scientific, engineering, technical, and related programmatic support to all NIOSH divisions, laboratories, and offices. As functionally needed, this support may include disciplines from all engineering categories (i.e., electrical, electronic, computer, mechanical, aerospace, chemical, architectural, nuclear, systems, industrial, etc.), chemistry, biology, health physics, physics, physiology, quality assurance, ISO 9000 registration, and other mission-relevant professional support of a commercial nature.

The contractor will provide function-based support in the following three program areas: (1) engineering and scientific support; (2) technician support; and (3) medical services and human test subjects.

  1. Scope and Requirements:

On an as-needed basis, the contractor will provide function-based support. It is not intended that all the work stated in this Section be provided at all times, rather, any of the work may be provided at any given time. These program areas are: (1) scientific, engineering, and professional; (2) technician; and (3) medical services and supplying human test subjects.

The contractor will conduct an initial meeting no more than two weeks after award of the contract. The meeting will be held at the Pittsburgh location. During this meeting, the contractor and NIOSH staff will identify points of contact, establish work protocols, discuss preferred locations of contractor personnel, and present a draft format to be used in reporting requirements. Either party may identify additional agenda items.

Provision of Function-Based Services

The goal for both the government and the contractor is to meet fluctuating government needs at the lowest cost and at the prescribed level of proficiency at all times. The number of contractor employees will be determined by the contractor to meet NIOSH needs.

For a given NIOSH task or work process, the government will provide a brief orientation for the initial group of contractor employees. The government will not provide orientation for off-site services. Subsequent to orientation, the contractor must make the necessary preparations to ensure continuity of the needed quantity and proficient level of service.

Type of Services to be Provided

Administrative Support Services – The purpose is to provide business and operational support on a wide range of administrative issues, such as completing forms, preparing word documents, power point presentations, spreadsheets, scanning, database entry and filing. In addition, administrative support services also includes receiving, assessing, routing, and handling incoming and outgoing materials, correspondence, reports, memoranda and other forms of written communication for program staff. Other typical business operational support needs include travel preparation, procurement package preparation, processing training orders.

Biomechanical Analysis and Consulting – To provide expert consultation services for biomechanics and elevated device research consulting services in support of an ongoing research project. Service will encompass literature review for project related to exoskeletons and elevated equipment. The respondent will deliver separate reports summarizing the existing statutory authority pertaining to elevating devices used in industrial applications, as well as pending statutes, relevant jurisdictions, applicable standards related to exoskeletons and elevated devices, best practices in use and manufacturing for intervention design, and relevant information pertaining to exoskeletons and elevated devices.



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