VA AI lead says Federal AI Diagnostics Research Advanced During COVID-19

“The pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic to accelerate medical research has encouraged data sharing and consolidation of practices across federal agencies to lay the groundwork for increasingly sophisticated applications of AI toward diagnostic and health care.”

“Speaking at the GovernmentCIO Media & Research AI Gov virtual event, Department of Veterans Affairs AI lead Gil Alterovitz and Georgetown University Interim Dean of Research Dr. Moshe Levi discussed how data sharing and refinement, as well as the range of potential applications, have increased markedly over the prior year.”

“… ‘As COVID started spreading out, it became clear obesity, diabetes and aging were major risk factors,’ said Levi. ‘We identified a pathway that is similarly upregulated following COVID-19 infection.’”

“This necessity has also spurred new data applications and sophisticated methodologies across health-focused federal agencies as well, including at VA’s National Artificial Intelligence Center (NAIC). This was motivated in large part by the practical necessity of responding to a pandemic that had spread far more rapidly than initially assumed, which has been particularly impactful on VA’s development of ‘trustworthy AI’ — or AI data curated and developed within an ethical and open framework…” Read the full article here.

Source: Federal AI Diagnostics Research Advanced During COVID-19 — By Adam Patterson, March 12, 2021. GovernmentCIO.



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