VA RFI: Account Management Office 3.0 Service Support

Updated March 18, 2021

This amendment to the Request For Information is to announce the market research for the procurement is complete.  It has been determined that this action will be solicited under the General Services Administration Multiple Award Schedule Category 541611 “Professional Services – Business Administrative Services” as an SDVOSB set-aside.

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Posted December 18, 2020

Notice ID: 36C10B21Q0072

The AMO is implementing a new set of processes called AMO 3.0. AMO 3.0 is about enabling true partnership and ensuring the best return on investment.

  • The AMO 3.0 Future State includes:
  • Strategic Partnership relationship, eliminating over-promising, anticipating business needs vs responding/taking orders
  • Agreed-to roadmap for value delivery, from current state to future state
  • Roadmaps drive Joint Business Plans on annual basis
  • Roadmaps are reflective of enterprise Strategic Plan
  • Strategy-driven investments supported by business cases with measurable return on investment (ROI)
  • Fully transparent backlog for business partners and for infrastructure
  • Efficient Intake process, eliminating back door intake
  • Established enterprise target technical architecture, adding efficiency, and reducing risk
  • Monitored performance of investments against business goals…

The Contractor shall support the Account Management Office (AMO), IT Account Managers in AMO to include, at a minimum, Veterans Experience Office (VEO), Corporate, Health, Portfolio Integration, Benefits and Memorials, Enterprise, Business Operations and AMO Executive Office (AEO). The Contractor shall provide project management and reporting assistance, intake process and tool support, business customer and taskings to support Engagement, Business Relationship Management, Implementation Planning and Investment Portfolio Management, Investment Page Template Development, Stakeholder Management Plan, Investment Dashboard Implementation.

The Contractor shall provide Market Monitoring and future incubation and symposium facilitation, Portfolio Analysis, Portfolio Mapping and Alignment, Portfolio Visualization, Data assessments and normalization, Cost and Financial Analysis and Reporting, Budget and Multi-year Planning and Portfolio Recommendation Development in support of the IT Investment Board. The Contractor shall provide Investment Control Support; Investment Page Maintenance, Performance and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Monitoring, Cost and Financial Analysis, ROI and Performance Analysis and Project Progress Evaluation Reporting. The Contractor shall provide Capital Planning Support; CPIC Pre-Select Support, CPIC Select/Re-Select Support, Business Case Analysis and Development, Investment Page Development, Roadmap Development, Business Process Engineering/Re-engineering, Requirements Definition and Management, KPI Identification, Requirements Funding Summary, Risk Identification and Management Proposal Prioritization and Proposal Submission (e.g. Information Technology Investment Board ITIB).

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