VA cancels RFI for Enterprise Service Desk Managed Service Provider Re-compete

Updated March 24, 2021

The RFI listed as 36C10B21Q0205, Enterprise Service Desk Managed Service Provider Re-compete (VA-22-00000033), is hereby cancelled until further notice. Please check back for a future post regarding this action.

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Posted March 22, 2021

Notice ID: 36C10B21Q0205

“The Contractor shall serve as the MSP and provide Tier-0 and Tier-1 Services. The Contractor shall create and maintain an effective IT Service delivery environment where all Incidents, Problems, service Requests, and access to VA applications and related infrastructure services by End Users are received, monitored, tracked, and dealt with to Resolution or handed over to other resolving groups and agencies (as required). These Services will include the technical, logistical, and programmatic services to fulfill the requirements of this PWS and provide end-to-end Incident Lifecycle management and ownership, introduce increased workflow of self-service capabilities, provide automated service Request Fulfillment Services, align with the OIT command center, deliver performance based on enterprise Service Level metrics, and operational and management reporting.”

“The Contractor’s solution shall utilize VA’s selected ITSM tool, currently ServiceNow (SNOW), however, this may change during Period of Performance (PoP). The industry standard ITSM to be utilized will be selected by VA. Should the ITSM tool be updated, the contractor will be required to transition to the new tool. As such, the Contractor shall be required to perform a second transition to the selected ITSM Tool after Transition-In. This Service delivery Environment will be supported by an ACD and IVR system that is provided and managed by the Contractor.”

“As part of the Services, the MSP also shall provide, manage, and maintain an Automated Call Distributor (ACD) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system that integrates with the VA Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) Tool, and deliver Services in accordance with ITIL service-based management processes and procedures.  For clarity, the Contractor will only be expected to integrate the ACD/IVR system with VA’s cloud-based ITSM tool, no integration is required with the VA legacy ITSM tool.  In addition, the MSP shall develop and conduct customer satisfaction surveys (as required by management) to measure, analyze, and report results as a means to improve End User Service delivery performance.”

“MSP’s Services shall be able to scale to VA’s volumes, including temporary surges of demand, with no degradation of committed Service Levels. VA covers approximately 500,000 customers, with call volumes of approximately 250,000 per month.”

“This TO PWS is within the scope of paragraphs

4.1.8, IT Services Management Support;
4.2.1, Design and Development;
4.2.9, System / Software Integration;
4.8, Operations and Maintenance;
4.8.8, Asset Management;
4.8.10, Database and Data Warehouse Administration;
4.10, Training; and
4.11.5, Physical Security Systems of the Basic T4NG PWS.”

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